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Saya dilahirkan 35 tahun yang lalu tepatnya tanggal 4 November 1973.

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I am starting study at Kyushu University for PhD program on April 2011

It is great experience because It is the second timeas that be selected as a young scinetist to present my oral presentation at 5th World Poultry Confrenc on 10-13 March 2009 in Taba, Egypt.


Muhammad Jilan Nufal, Muhammad Dzaki Manaf and Muhammad Faiz Ramadhan


ISTAP, Yogyakarta, Indonesa

getting-presentation-on-msap-confrenceThe conference was held in Penang from 25th – 27th May 2008. The conference provided a forum for scientist, academicians, livestock producers, policy markers and livestock extension officer to discuss mattersreleant to industry as well enhance networking within industry.

In this conference, I presented my paper by oral presentation with title “Feed Intake and Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens Fed Diets with Varying Energy Levels and Supplemented with Leucine”


This congress was held on 22-26 September 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I presented my paper wih title ” Effect of Varying Levels of Leucine and Energy on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chickens”.

In this event I also the great experinces.with Professor. Dr. Peter Wynn (Australia)

Story: It was pleasre that I was be noted as one of young scientist at XXIII World’s Poultry Congress on June, 30 to July 4, 2008 in Brisbane, Australia.

I met so many famous scientist such as Prof. Bryden, prof Farrel, and the president WPSA Prof. Akbay.


Getting oral presentation at XXIII World'd Poultry Congress, Brisbane

with president WPSA, Prof. Akbay

It was a great confrence because were attended by scientist, poultry industries and interprenuer around the world. This experience was very beneficial to my career as a lecturer in my country, Indonesia.


Abstact: The experiment was conducted to evaluate the influence of excess leucine, in broiler diets containing varying levels of energy. In a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement, the effects of leucine levels and dietary energy on performance and carcass characteristics of Cobb broiler chickens from 3 to 6 weeks of age were tested. Dietary treatments consisted of two levels of leucine i.e. 0 and 0.5% with two of metabolizable energy (ME) i.e. 3200 and 3000 kcal/kg, respectively. Reducing dietary energy decreased weight gain up to 7.4% (P<0.05). Decreasing dietary energy had no significant effect on feed consumption and feed to gain ratio and carcass characteristics. Increasing dietary leucine had no significant effect on feed consumption, weight gain and feed to gain ratio and carcass characteristics, but significantly increased carcass weight up to 9% (P<0.05). Dietary treatments had no significantly effect on mortality. Further research is needed to evaluate the potential impact of excess leucine in diets with reduced levels of crude protein.
Key words: Leucine, broiler, energy, performance, carcass characteristics

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